Coping with Anxiety Related to Life Threatening Allergies: Supporting our Children, Supporting Ourselves

Based on Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s course Making Sense of Anxiety

This presentation aims to support parents who have children with life threatening allergies. The focus is on understanding the experience of anxiety, consider how it helps, evaluate how it hinders, and provides strategies to mitigate anxiety in ourselves as well as our children.

Participant Feedback For This Course: 

“Rebecca was extremely articulate and made a big (heavy) topic relateable and relevant.”

“This workshop really helped me to more fully understand my own anxiety and my child’s anxiety about her allergies. I came away with great ideas on how to move forward. Rebecca provided a warm, safe environment.”

“I appreciate the information that Rebecca Janke shared with us. I feel more confident in my ability to cope and manage my own anxiety as I support our daughter through her anxiety.”

“Rebecca did a great job connecting theory to practice and provided a concrete tips and suggestions on how to help reduce anxiety in ourselves and our children. Living with life threatening allergies is anxiety provoking for parents and children; learning to find the balance between healthy anxiety and maladaptive is difficult but now feels possible!”


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