Consulting Approach

To invest in the lives of children is one of life’s greatest callings.  It is a journey that calls on the best of ourselves and yet pushes us to our utmost limits.  Parenting can be rewarding and pierce our hearts with joy but it can also be confusing, frustrating and fraught with insecurity.  Rebecca’s  approach is to come alongside parents to offer support on your parenting journey.

How to parent with intention

Parenting with Intention

Rebecca believes that making sense of a child’s behavioural expression is critical to understanding what a child needs to not just survive but to thrive.  Rebecca takes a developmental perspective that states children learn, interact, and reach their full human potential through secure and strongly attached relationships with the adults who care for them.

Although Rebecca often meets your children, the primary work is with you.  Rebecca believes that children do not always need more therapists in their life but a strong, healthy and shielding relationship with their parents.  It is a privilege for Rebecca to walk with parents as they journey along the wonderful and bumpy road of parenting that is lined with sticky walls and growing hearts.



Why work with a Parent Consultant?

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