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“Rebecca was extremely articulate and made a big (heavy) topic relateable and relevant.”

“I appreciate the information that Rebecca Janke shared with us. I feel more confident in my ability to cope and manage my own anxiety as I support our daughter through her anxiety.”

“Rebecca did a great job connecting theory to practice and provided concrete tips and suggestions…”

“I really enjoyed how safe she [Rebecca] made the group feel and her personal stories.  She is very knowledgeable and keen to share her ideas.”

“Rebecca is helpful, informative & knowledgeable. She is articulate and easy to understand.”

“Rebecca was amazing each week! As we progressed further into the material she really knew her stuff and made sense of the course. I appreciate her enthusiasm, her openness and honesty in the everyday parenting of our kids turning into adults.” 

“Rebecca always brought our discussion back to the theory. She had plenty of suggestions for helping the roots of attachment that may be struggling. She readily engaged in analyzing misbehaviour using Dr. Neufeld’s framework.”

“Rebecca is amazing and brilliant! I am in awe of how clear and knowledgeable she is.” 

“Rebecca has a gift for being able to direct a group discussion while still making everyone feel heard.”

“I enjoyed Rebecca’s leadership and her welcoming me as a grandparent.”

“Rebecca did a great job! I loved her questions and insights as well as her explanations along with her humour.”

“Rebecca was fantastic! A wonderful presenter and very knowledgeable.”