Private Consultations

Helping Parents connect with their Kids

Helping Parents Find Clarity

Rebecca Janke has experience working with all types of families and assisting them to find clarity in the midst of life’s hard moments.  She works with parents and caregivers of children from toddlers to adulthood. This includes:

Biological Parents Step Parents Foster Parents
Adoptive Parents Grandparents Caregivers

Parent Consulting Sessions

Private Parent Consulting sessions with Rebecca Janke begin with an initial 1 – 1.5 hour assessment with parents. During the initial assessment Rebecca will work with you to determine the top areas of focus and put together a plan of action so that you can start to see positive changes in your family immediately. During the follow-up sessions, Rebecca will review the plan of action and work towards further goals.

Ongoing Parenting Support

Rebecca provides ongoing support through 1 hour online consultation sessions with parents.  These sessions can be valuable to develop strategies, problem solve, answer specific questions or needs, evaluate progress, and measure success.


Private consultation with Rebecca Janke is offered through a secure online platform.  Participants can log in from anywhere there is internet connection eliminating the need for parking or commuting.   Courses and workshops are facilitated either online or at various locations throughout Metro Vancouver.

Courses and Seminars